Company Profile

Company Profile

“With deep knowledge in the industry and appreciation of various local contexts, Ang Cheng Guan Construction seeks to assist owners in realizing their projects”

About Us

Since its inception in 1983, Ang Cheng Guan Construction has been offering integrated one-stop building construction with minor civil engineering services, and undertaking turnkey projects as main contractors since 1983.

Our Capabilities

No project is too small for us. Our team’s extensive experience allows us to be big enough to undertake large scale projects for our customers yet scalable enough to retain the collaborative spirit of a smaller company.

Our projects include situations occasionally. Nevertheless, by adopting a flexible style to fixing problems, we are able to underpin our enviable track record of increasing the value of businesses with analytical rigour and a methodical approach.

Our clients include notable and prominent customers (public and private) in various industries including education, marine and institutions.

Our Greatest Assets

Our people, with their willingness to offer timely and high quality solutions with their professionalism and ability to work with you as one is what separates us from the crowd.

Combined with access to good resources and teams that are no stranger to the industry, we are constantly able to ensure that our customers get all the necessary support they need.

Mission and Vision

We strive to be the trusted construction service provider of our client’s first choice and this is driven by our all-time service approach to be of fair value and timely, yet engaging and transparent.

By ensuring a fair value approach in our pricing method, we do not undercut our competitors but instead brainstorm the various construction methodologies and technology to deliver quality products that best suit the client’s requirements yet ensuring that their budget is kept within and that quality is not compromised.

Our vision is to create a sustainable business which looks ahead to future trends in the sector. Whether it is today or in the future, we are committed to creating value through our long-term sustainable model.

Taking business to the next level

At Ang Cheng Guan Construction, we seek game changing opportunities in strong high-growth markets that are strategically important to us. Which explains why we combine our expertise in construction and civil engineering as well as market knowledge to create a new and dynamic approach to our business growth and service offerings.